Sunday, December 25, 2005


Every moment leaves a new outcome of
information for the mankind. Nature is the illimitable source of facts
and truths. It is the world of science and technology. Man, now, can
get knowledge from various different sources other than books. It is
the thinking way or the analytical concept of a person that leads to
be sagacious not merely the knowledge.

Wisdom is the ability to make a rational
decision at the right time utilizing one's knowledge. Power of
utilization varies from person to person. Only those, who utilize the
knowledge, automatically lead to wisdom. We can insight many examples
in our own society. In case of my country, government officials are
highly educated but they are lacking wisdom that has led the country
to suffer economic and political sickness. Fraud and biasness is
increasing day by day. One incident occurred few days ago; one of the
eminent pop singers of Nepal depicted himself as a rake in spite of
his high learning. The purpose of getting knowledge is worthless if it
can't be properly utilized.

Theoretically, knowledge should automatically lead to wisdom but
it doesn't happen in reality. Human egoism lies behind the screen of
theory. Doesn't it seem comical a doctor, with cigar in his hand,
requesting his patients not to smoke? The doctor knows pretty well
that smoking is injurious to health but still he doesn't implement the
knowledge and thus deviates from attaining wisdom. If a player, though
professional in his game, tries to win a game by hook or by crook
using all foul ways he is liable to demean his wisdom.

Fore sighting above examples, what we can
draw is that wisdom can't be automatically received from knowledge.
Wisdom is received through the practical employment of the knowledge
and compassionate commitment to realize and express the importance of
individual dignity, serving others, seeking truth, and encouraging
spiritual growth.

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