Monday, December 26, 2005

My Review on “Harry Porter: The Goblet of the Fire” and “Kalyug”


Really after a long time I got to watch few movies. And this time much awaited Harry Porter's next series The Goblet of the Fire got ranked 1st among the play list. But the poor quality DVD did not yielded much though I enjoyed the long movie.


Few points denunciating Mr Porter on my views:

*      Yap! Harry is anxious teen but shy enough to invent girls onto his phrenal cortex.

*      As before Porter is a potential cheater but as you pass thru the closeness of the pixel mania, he is found more than previous vicious fighter.

*      My proposition to Ma'am JK Rolling is that please make Harry more creative, enthusiastic and optimistic; and of course! Think of his life rather than to make money of it for you.


Posted on this blog are some of my favorite pics from this Porter series, do get them.


Kalyug: Previously named Blue film is a sensuous Hindi feature movie with story rotating about the pornography industry. How personal life of a person gets indulged in such activities? Compulsion, mania, fast cash, fame for none and the endless list may be dragged on such adult contains and porn but involvements of explicit materials may hamper some members of the society and immature brains, is what shown in the movie.


Remember that the pornography is a 58 billion dollars industry. Probably that may ameliorate the whole Africa's mankind and the economy.

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