Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Days Coolers!!!

Cooler Days: Encounter to winter


� and for few more days, until winter holidays, I was planning no more blog postings. But I could not escape the heat of the winter.


How cold is it to drive early at 5?

Do you wihtstand dew drops at your clean saved cheeks while biking?


Just wonder, reality is what winter grows on. At the lap of colder mountains, here at Fishtail mountains and Pokhara, I�m fervently a mild-server, mean think that no one is going chilling as me over here. For sometimes, only 2 eyes to view and  a mouth to have become possibly only protuding organs and rest covered.


Knees burnt, fingers stationed, mouth-steam warmer, hair at dew and many others to be noted�


For now, please tell me to cast off this winter.


Pace to Hibernating�..


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