Thursday, December 01, 2005

Medialess Woes!

Medialess woes! : Nepal government takes another action against media.

Another governmental action against press freedom. I was very sad to hear of this news today morning, I commenced pondering over.

The gove3rnment of Nepal has interfered independently run, South Asias first community Radio FM station, Radio Sagarmatha, yesternight. Security arrested technicians and journalists of the radio station without any writ, just blurring official command, at 9 PM, which is a shame brutal action.

No one knows, how will the governments next game play be? They stopped BBC Nepali Service all of sudden, the previous day. This is the free world but it is not certain many Nepalis may not read this blog over Nepal and the reason is obvious.

People are dying of dual contraction from the rebel groups and the kings group, de facto. Please help poor Nepalis.

Please, assist us acquaint and over come this grief.

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