Friday, December 02, 2005

Facial Fantasy

This posting is all about Face Transplant which got to capture its attention to all viewers on media this day.

Live coverings on BBC and CNN implies that modern sophistication sapiens are being curious over all those so called humane conscious. And we must be.

While I spent major part of today on watching BBC and CNN, I thought of formatting this blog posting. We need to fox for now. Fix all bins.

"The woman who received the first ever face transplant sustained her injuries when her dog tried to wake her after a suicide attempt"
The facial tissue was taken from a multi-organ donor in the northern city of Lille, who was brain-dead. Philippe Domy, the director of the hospital in Amiens, northern France, where the transplant was carried out last Sunday said the surgery was required because the patient's case was exceptional. "We are in an exceptional situation that required an exceptional response," he said.

I think it is a wonder of modern medicine that such a procedure is available

Dr Devauchelle described how the team painstakingly transplanted skin, muscle tissue - connecting lots of blood vessels and nerve cells.
Connecting the nerves should allow the patient's face to be mobile, he said.
The procedure took four hours to complete.
And four hours after the operation, blood was flowing through the transplanted tissue.
The patient regained consciousness 24 hours after the operation.
When she woke up, her first words were "thank you".

But some experts have questioned whether such a controversial operation was necessary.

Modern marvel of medicine. Is this all right all the way.....

I have taken points from media esp BBC.

What do you think of this? Let the world know about....

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