Friday, December 09, 2005

Migraine Clientele

Migraine Clientele


Am to reveal that as a migraine sufferer what have I to do for? Classes in mornings, cool winds, speeded bike, same footage and else is mine everyday gadgets. Sometimes, it rule that as if I was a real freshner. Not much to work for the head but the hand, talking more specifically my heyday lie in personification.


For almost 4 years now, migraine has been ruling me and my world around. Standing motionless and restless for these precious years, I had to loose communal behaviors. Choosen at ostracised by myself to apt for social being. For me nothing matter at work except this dogged phenomenal sympathy. Tried many times but in vain for research over the controlled. Be it a virtual hospital or Opthamologist, none proved best for me. Or is that bio-feedback system or the plasmal. Whatever it may, I do never try to cure it for now.


I have a believe that someday, somehow this is going to be cured and I shall have some fresh air to breath, really freshness is what you pine for when opting a smile. This delayed blogger post is due to resume but for migraine I am pretending to blunder with prepositional paraphrases.


Help me get out of the hell.


Some enclopedias have to say for this much only:

"Migraine , severe headache that occurs periodically and is sometimes confined to only one side of the head. characterized by intense, throbbing, often blinding pain, and one or more of the following symptoms: sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting, chills, facial swelling, tenderness of the scalp, sweating, frequent urination, irritability, visual hallucinations, and malaise. The headache may be preceded by a warning sensation, known as an aura, that may include flashes or patterns before the eyes, illusory tastes or odors, dizziness, tingling, or numbness.

More than 26 million people in the United States suffer from migraines, which can last for hours or days at a time and recur at intervals ranging from one day to several years. Women are twice as likely as men to experience these headaches, and some evidence suggests that migraines are inherited. They tend to affect people for the first time between the ages of 10 and 30; symptoms tend to become far less intense after the age of 50.

At the onset of a migraine headache, blood vessels within the head constrict, causing a decrease in blood flow to the surface of the brain. Swelling of blood vessels in the head and scalp then sets off a chain of reactions that result in the headache. Among the biochemical changes associated with migraines are a reduced level of the neurotransmitter serotonin as well as an insufficient supply of enkephalins, the brain's pain-relieving chemicals.

Hormonal level changes (such as those experienced by women during menopause or menstruation), endocrine imbalances, and stress due to anything from overwork to loud noises are considered precipitating factors of migraine headaches in susceptible people. Other factors that may trigger attacks include allergies, excess carbohydrates in the diet, foods rich in the trace element iodine, and alcoholic beverages.

Several treatments have been successful in helping migraine sufferers. These include medications such as sumatriptan and ergotamine tartrate, both of which shrink swollen blood vessels, thereby aborting the acute phase of a migraine attack; and propranolol, which stabilizes blood vessel tone and helps prevent subsequent attacks. Other drugs often prescribed to migraine sufferers are amitriptyline, phenelzine, and verapamil. Biofeedback techniques have also proven useful."

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